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Danielle studied with Isla Burgess, Director of the International College of Herbal Medicine, as well as other highly esteemed medical herbalists, botanists, and researchers from around the world. At ICOHM, her undergraduate study consisted of all Year One subjects including Botany, Manufacturing Herbal Medicines, History and Philosphy, Materia Medica, and Understanding the Craft of Herbal Medicine. She completed Year Two (Case-Based learning) and Year Three. Post Graduate units included Therapeutic Issues in Women's Health 1 and 2, Herb/Drug Interactions, Clinical Vignettes, The Special Case of Pregnancy (Dr. Aviva Romm), Evaluating the Herbal/Medical Literature, Children and Herbal Medicine Practice (the late Dr. Tom Moss), and a comprehensive unit on Working with People with Cancer (Dr. Nicky Baillie).

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